Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gondola Trips in Venice

Gondola Trips in Venice can be a romantic voyage for a couple. Or it can be a fun group activity shared by 5 or 6 people. Gondola trips in Venice have a lot of flexibility - you can choose to set off in the morning, afternoon, evening or nighttime. You can also choose between long, short and in between rides and you can either go along the Grand Canal or to more out of the way locations.

There are several convenient locations to catch gondola trips in Venice. One way, popular with many, is simply to let your hotel work out the details. They will be able tpo bargain for you, or even include a gondola ride as part of the package. They can often arrange transportation for you from the hotel to your point of embarkation.

The main tourist sections are the best places to board gondola trips in Venince. There are a few of these - though it's hard to narrow them down, since the city is one giant tourist attraction. Tronchetto, the Piazzale Roma, the Doge's Palace in Piazza San Marco are all popular places to catch a Gondola.

You will also find that many of the pedestrian crossings in secondary canals will have men offering a gondola ride. If you decide to take one up on the offer, be sure to exercise caution, especially when handing out money. In general though, you will find less crowded (and slightly less expensive) gondola trips in these less populated areas.

The 2 mile stretch along the Grand Canal is the most popular place for Gondola trips in Venice, because it covers some of Venice's grandest sights, including the Basilica di San Marco, the Campanile and others. But prices here do tend to be a little higher.

Prices currently range anywhere from €80 (about $120) for 40 minutes to €150 ($220) for an hour or more. These, however, are official rates set by the city government. Many gondoliers politely ignore them. Hence, your price could be lower (rare) or higher (more common).

Bargaining for Gondola rides is normal and expected. But do remember the basic principle of supply and demand. There are a relatively small number of boats and lots of tourists. Gondoliers rarely have to do much beyond wait for the next potential customer willing to meet their price. Costs per person can be lowered by sharing a ride with up to six people.

For those who choose to, Gondola Trips in Venice are really are quite fun, though. The romantic aspect is mixed, since you'll be seen by thousands of people crowding the bridges across and streets along the canals. If you can ignore them, and only pay attention to the scenery (or each other), more power to you.

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