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Volterra Sightseeing

 Are you looking for Volterra sightseeing ideas? Read on to learn more about what Volterra has to offer.

A Great Italian Vacation in Volterra Tuscany
By Ems Aleks

When people come to Italy for a vacation or to spend the holiday, they are often drawn to Tuscany, but Tuscany is not a small place and there are many places that are concentrated tourist areas, but who knows which places are the best to go. Some people may say that San Gimignano is the more popular tourist spot in Tuscany, but other persons who are really aware of what a vacation should be like will tell you that Volterra Tuscany is the place to be.

Volterra is a hill town and is a little over 500 metres above the valley of Cecina, when you are atop you can see the horizon of the Tyrrhenian Sea which is spectacular view. This place as history and some of it is still around for you to see, one of which is the sections of the Etruscan wall that is still remaining. This wall has been around since the fourth century, when the city was known as Velathri which was a very significant city back then because it was large exporter of minerals to other countries in the Mediterranean region.

When you take vacations in Volterra Tuscany, you will not be short on entertainment especially during the holiday seasons, Volterra is not uncommon for festivities, during these festivals that depicts different aspects of their culture, you will see natives dressed in old Roman clothing at the medieval fair, where they act and dress the parts of their ancestors from the A.D era. It is a fun filled event for both tourists and locals alike.

They are not short on truffle fairs either; in April you can see the fair that hosts an all day arts and crafts display and parade, all events for that day is completely dedicated to the arts. In May, you can take in the cross bow competition and see true skills at their best in a fun environment. In July and August you can feast your ears on the cool tranquil sounds of jazz as the festivities for those two months include the Jazz festival in August and other jazz related fairs in July. I could go on and on about the different activities that takes place in each month, which do not include the day to day fun activities that will keep your vacation interesting and memorable. The fact is, there is always many things to do and places to go in Volterra, no matter what time of year you decide to visit.

Volterra is also known for its museums, one of which was the first to be developed and constructed in all of Europe. Even if you are not exactly a history buff, you will still love and appreciate the sights and narration of this ancient city and the culture that it represents. The entire collection of arts and culture will leave you in awe of what that little city (in comparison to its history) as to offer.

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