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Sightseeing in Lecce

Are you thinking of sightseeing in Lecce, Southern Italy? If so, read on for some sightseeing tips.

Visit Lecce in Italy
By Claudio Giagnoni

One of the best cities to visit in Italy is Lecce, in the Apulia region, in the south of the country. Art, history, culture are visible in every corner of Lecce and the main monuments are in the historical center of the city. Between the main touristic attractions we can reminder:

Castle of Charles V. Built by the architect Gian Giacomo dell'Acaya (1539-1549) by order of Charles V, it has a trapezoidal shape with four bastions. You can reach the defense structure, which was surrounded by a moat, filled in 1872, through two doors: one to the east, named 'False Door', and the other to the west, named ' Royal Door'. The interior has been largely changed over the years; the most ancient part is represented by the quadrangular 'mastio' dating back to the Angevins, whose hypogeum was used as a chapel, with a baroque altar inside. The other chapel in the castle is dedicated to Saint Barbara.

Church of Saint Matteo. It was built between 1667 and 1700 by the architect Carducci by command of the bishop Pappacoda. Its facade, where convex and concave volumes contrapose, recalls the Borrominian baroque. The elliptical shaped interior with a single nave shows a women's gallery along the perimeter. Noteworthy, the statues of the 12 Apostles, made in Lecce stone by the sculptor Placido Buffelli (1692), alternating with the altars.

Church of Saint Nicola. The Church (1635) with the Monastery next to it (1631) was built according to the will of the patrician Belisario Paladini from Lecce Its sober front shows on the portal the statue of the archangel Michael defeating Lucifer; the interior has a stucco-painted vault and the high altar rich with intaglios.

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