Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sightseeing in Bardolino

Bardolino rests on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake. It lies about 30 kilometres northwest of the provincial capitol of Verona.

Bardolino Harbour

Bardolino although one one of the lesser well known resorts it is still very popular with German and British visitors. Lake Garda itself is a haven for weekend visitors. It is only just over four hours drive from the Bavarian capitol, Munich, and under two hours drive from Milan. This relatively easy commute makes the lakeshore a haven for week-end visitors and weekends do tend to to be very much busier than week days.

Sightseeing in Bardolino would not be complete without sampling the local wine - and there are various vintages of Bardolino wine to sample ranging from the cheap to the more expensive. Real wine aficionados can visit town’s wine museum plus the unofficial bodega’s purporting to be wine museums. Many of the towns wine and snack bars sell excellent wine by the glass straight out of the barrel

Bardolino at Night

The harbour area of Bardolino is the hub of activity by day and by night. As well as being very picturesque it also boasts one of Italy’s finest ice cream parlours. The parlour is easy to find in the evening, simply look for a large queue of people. Although there are many fine eating places around the harbour area many of the better restaurants are a couple of streets back

Although the setting sun hides beside some of the distant mountains for the last few minutes before dipping below the horizon in the summer months the orange glow across the lakeside can still be quite spectacular particularly by the yacht club or the harbour.

Bardolino Sunset

Although Bardolino itself has lots of quaint restaurants, bars and small shops it retains its own character as do all the neighbouring lakeside towns. A regular ferry service as well as a frequent bus service makes visiting neighbouring towns of Garda, Malcesine, Lasize and Pescheira relatively easy. Even the most northerly town of Riva can be visited by bus with relative ease.

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