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Sightseeing in Piedmont

Are you thinking of doing some sightseeing in Piedmont? If so, read the article below to learn more about exploring Piedmont.

Explore Piedmont, Italy's Wine Region

By Adam Singleton

Those who enjoy a nice glass of wine are sure to have heard of Piedmont. A region of Italy well known for producing some excellent boutique wines, Piedmont is also a gorgeous destination with views of grassy vistas and alpine ranges. Surrounded by the Alps on three sides, Piedmont is a gem in the Italian borders and its main city, Turin, is home to Italy's royal family, so you can rest assured there will be plenty to see and do in the region.

A trip to sample some of Piedmont's finest wines means a chance to get to grips with a beautiful, but expansive, region. Hiring a car to let you discover Piedmont's treasures at your own pace can be a great way to make sure you don't miss out.

Like Tuscany, Piedmont is a favourite destination for wine buffs - producing world-renowned selections such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato D'Asti. However, it's also a perfect destination for travellers hoping to enjoy some fine dining along with their drinks, and its local dishes are some celebrated throughout Italy. If you're taking a trip to Piedmont to experience some of the finer things in life, then indulging in some of Piedmont's precious white truffles is a must.

Piedmont is made up of a number of provinces, and if you're visiting to take a tour of some of its most famous wineries Langhe in Cuneo Province is the perfect destination for you. Its hills are home to some of Piedmont's most stunning vineyards and you can pay a visit to famous wine towns Monforte, Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo, La Morra and Barbaresco.

Other areas that are a must see for any discerning wine buffs include the Roero hills which are situated in the west bank of the Tanaro River. Also famous for its honey and peaches, visitors will have a chance to see the vineyards of Piedmont's Arneis wines. Monferrato is another favourite, and is well known for Barbera d'Asti wine and is home to some particularly fine truffles.

A trip to Piedmont wouldn't be complete without a stop in Turin however, and the city's grand boulevards and impressive architecture makes it an awe inspiring choice for any travellers. There are plenty of shops to peruse, as well as a number of art galleries and leafy parks. Turin car rental is also available, meaning it could be a good place to start and end your wine tasting adventure in Piedmont.

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