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Rimini Sightseeing

Here are a few Rimini Sightseeing tips from Hannah Rollmaker...

Rimini Italy

In the country of Italy you will be able to find the city of Rimini. This city which is located in the Emilia-Romagna region is the capital city of the Province of Rimini. The city which is located close to the Adriatic Sea is situated between the Rivers of Ausa and Marecchia. Of the various coastal resorts you can find in Italy you will discover that Rimini along with Riccione are the most famous of the seaside coast resorts to be found on the Adriatic Riviera. While tourism plays a large role in this city you will find there are other industries which help to make Rimini a thriving and lively place. These are the traditional industries of fishing and coast navigation.

In many ways you will see how the culture and history of Rimini have been combined with the modern pleasures of a seaside resort. The many hotels, restaurants and bathing establishments that you will be able to find are some of the simple ways to unwind from the stresses of day to day modern living. The sightseeing such as statures, monuments, and interesting looking buildings will help to enhance your appreciation for the beauty of this city.

As there are numerous interesting sights you can see while you are visiting Rimini you might want to take the time to see how you can fit these sightseeing activities into shopping, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sumptuous gourmet delights you can savor in fine Italian restaurants. Some of the interesting places that you can visit while you are in Rimini are the Archeological museum of Rimini, the bronze statue of Paul V, the church of St. John the Evangelist which is also known as St. Augustine.

Another place of interest that you will find in your exploration of Rimini is that of the Arch of Augustus. This arch which was built in 27 BC has a single gate to it. This gate stands about 9.92 meters high and it is abut 8.45 m wide. The merlons that you will see on this arch were added during the Middle Ages. By the time the 18th century arrived it was necessary for the arch to be renovated. For the renovation process Tommasso Temenza was chosen. Today you can see the beauty of this resorted arch as you explore the city of Rimini.

Another interesting place that you might like to visit while you are in Rimini is that of the church of San Giovanni Battista. This church was erected during the 12th century. As you look around this beautiful looking church you will see that it has a single nave. The nave has been richly decorated with rich stucco decoration which are from the 18th century time period.

Of course this is not the only sightseeing in Rimini. There are many more interesting and fascinating places of interest to be looked at. To see these sights and all of the others which are waiting for you, you should think about heading over to Rimini as soon as possible. With such delights as these a holiday in Rimini is one vacation to look forward to.

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