Monday, 10 May 2010

La Spezia Sightseeing

La Spezia Sightseeing: La Spezia, Italy
By Hannah Rollmaker

In the district of Liguria in Italy you will find the town of La Spezia. This town is one of the four provinces that you will be able to find in Liguria. As you come closer to the town you will find the nearby sea, the town and the mountains which are almost next to the town provide you with a gorgeous welcome into the city. Upon entering this city you will see many bergamotto trees and exquisite gardens with delightful and exotic plants which are well maintained. These gardens add a splash of colour to the surrounding area. Interestingly you will find that the people who live in this town are known as Spezzini.

There are many interesting shops, restaurants and hotels where you will be able to pass your time away while you are in La Spezia. These facilities will keep you occupied in between the times when you are not sightseeing. The various sightseeing locations you will travel to will make your time here even more memorable as you will be able to see places like the Castle of San Giorgio. This castle has recently been restored to almost its former glory.

In all likelihood the Castle of San Giorgio was probably used as a watchtower. The first castle was built on this spot in 1262 by Niccolò Fieschi. The Genoese army destroyed the castle in 1273, however once all signs of war had ended the castle was rebuilt in 1371 by the podesteria of La Spezia. When the Republic of Genoa was annexed to the area of La Spezia, they chose to add a new castle to the existing one. This new castle addition was started in 1607.

From the Castle of San Giorgio you might want to switch gears and visit the Santi Giovanni e Agostino church. The name of this church in English means Saints John and Augustine. You will find this church was built during the 16th century and it has a single nave which has 18th and 19th century decorations to it. Another church that you might want to see in La Spezia is that of the Abbey church of Santa Maria Assunta known in English as Our Lady of the Assumption.

This abbey was built in the 13th century. The abbey is home to a number of artworks, some of which arrived here seeking sanctuary from other religious institutes which were being suppressed. Of these various artworks you can see ones like St Bartholomew's Martyrdom by Luca Cambiaso, the Incoronation of the Virgin by Andrea della Robbia and the Multiplication of Bread by Giovanni Battista Casoni.

As you will find when you come to La Spezia there is plenty to see and do here. These are just a few of the many sights that you can experience for yourself. There are many others like the Ubaldo Formentini which is the Civic Museum found in the Castle of San Giorgio, the Palazzina delle Arti and Museum of Seals, the Ethnographic Civic Museum, and Art Nouveau styled villas which can be found in La Spezia. For all of these reasons and the many other delights you will find in La Spezia do come and spend your next vacation in La Spezia, Italy.

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