Friday, 20 June 2008

Sightseeing in Tuscany

Tuscany is well known for its wine as well as being the birthplace of the Renaissance movement. This makes it a fantastic place to visit and in this article we will look at several places to visit in Tuscany, Italy.

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and will make a great starting point for you, but there are also many places you will want to visit outside of Florence.

Getting to some of the best place to visit in Tuscany is very easy to do. You can rent a car and drive yourself, or hire a driver to do it for you. You can also take the train to various areas including Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca.

1. Many people are familiar with the leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa is located in central Italy, 50 miles from Florence, and the bell tower really is leaning and is a sight to behold. It is just 1hr from Florence by train.

2. The greatest medieval town in Italy to see is Siena. As is true with many places to visit in Tuscany you can enjoy the culture by walking through alleyways and narrow streets. You can also climb the massive Torre del Mangia bell tower and get a stunning view of Siena and the Piazza del Campo below. With a population of 250,000 will find that people here are extremely friendly.

3. The most popular place to taste wine is Chianti, which is very well known for its world-famous red wines. You can enjoy some spectacular scenery in Chianti while visiting vineyards and taking in some of the spectacular hilltop views.

4. Another popular place to visit to Tuscany is Lucca. Here you will find many churches and other medieval buildings that are simply amazing. The Roman amphitheater is located in Lucca and is over in 1900 years old. The town centre is completely enclosed by a brick wall built in the 16th century and you can take a walk along the top of the wall, which stretches 4km. Lucca is considered to have some the best food in the Tuscany region especially the tortelli lucchese. Tortelli lucchese is bright yellow pasta, stuffed with seasoned meat and topped with a heavily meat-laden rag├╣ that is very rich in flavor.

5. San Gimignano is a wonderful place to visit while in Tuscany. It is set on a hill over 300m high and dates back to the 10th century. San Gimignano originally had 72 tower houses, some which were as high as 50m. In their day, the towers were a symbol of wealth and there are now only 14 towers in total.

6. Another place in Tuscany that is worth a mention is Fiesole. If you are in Florence and pressed for time you can make a quick trip there as it is just 5 miles outside of Florence. You can take a local bus and enjoy the great views.

7. Last, but most definitely not least is Florence. You probably want to spend at least 3 days savouring the sights of this wonderful city. There are lots of things to see and do and you should be sure not to miss the Uffizi. The Uffizi Gallery is one of the oldest and most famous in the world. Because of how popular it is you can wait up to 5 hours to get in so it is best to reserve a ticket in advance.

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