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Historical Sightseeing in Italy

Vacation To Italy And Get A Major Dose Of History
by Will Moore

Known for its food, wine, people, culture, music, countryside and even the mafia - Italy happens to be one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

Italy is where culture, history and traditions blend beautifully with modernity and fashion. What is interesting about Italy is that you will never find a single Italian flag, but they are still very particular about their culture and traditions – and of course soccer.

Whether your vacationing to Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan, or Venice your stay will be well worth the flight. Italy boasts several 5 star resort hotels that accommodate to every need you could imagine.

Italians are considered to be one of the best-looking people in the world. They are very proud of their past, their culture and for them it is all about family. Italians are very sociable.
They are friendly and will talk to anyone, what’s most appealing about them is their sense of good humor and wit. In Italy you will hear the various kinds of dialects and accents of Italian, which sound so melodious to the ear.

Italians have an ongoing love affair with food and fashion. The Italian food is famous worldwide and is a gastronomical to all the senses. Fashion is a very important part of the Italian culture, after all Milan is the fashion capital of the world, where haute couture is the word most heard.
Northern Italy is more educated, hectic and fast paced, where as South of Italy is rural and laidback. People in Italy love spending money on their expensive attire, be it clothes, watches, shoes, jewelry or their fast cars.

If you want to be understood in Italy, you will have to rely on your English-Italian dictionary or your gesturing skills, because English is not spoken or understood by many people there.
People in Italy have a gastronomical affair with food. Eating is a passion and an integral part of the culture in Italy. So when you are in Italy, expect to add a few pounds to your frame.

Italian food finds it roots back to different regions and is influenced by various factors. If you are looking for healthy and cheaper food, then you must venture into South Italy.

The world famous and supremely popular Pizza was born in Campania along with tubular pizza and the various tomato based pizza and pasta sauces. Even if you are one of those few people who do not like pizzas, you should try one.

The reason the Italian pizzas are popular is because of its simplicity and its fresh ingredients. Pizza margherita is the most popular pizza in Italy named after Queen Margherita.
If you are looking for food with Greek influence with figs, honey, aubergine and aromatic spices, then Calabria is the place to go. Sicily will give you mouthwatering, finger-licking desserts like cannoli, sweet cheese, chocolate and cassata pastries. And Italian ice-cream Gelato is oh so popular.

A typical Italian dinner would consist of an appetizer or an antipasto like bruschetta which is a type of herbed and spiced garlic bread; prosciutto which is cured ham and melon.
The primo piatto, which is the first main course, is usually a soup or pasta; the second piatto will have meat, chicken or fish with contorno, which is vegetable. The meal is then ended with dessert, fruits and coffee.

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